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Florida Bobcat Images and Information

About the photo above: Look at this one I just saw yesterday.
It was behind Home Depot on University Blvd., Randy

Updated bobcat sightings:
Sarasota Area                         Other Florida Areas


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Excellent photos from Randy, thank you to him for sharing them


Florida Bobcats

Bobcats are reclusive and not often seen. They normally do not want to be near people. This bobcat was across a parking lot from a 6 lane state road, and a block from I-75. Bobcats are beneficial, eating rats and mice.

Bobcats in Florida are neither rare or endangered, as a limited bobcat season exists statewide. Their density runs as high as 80 individuals per 100 square miles. But they are reclusive creatures. The bobcats tend to stay out of the developed areas, but they often aren't far away. 

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regional public information director Joy Hill, �Most people living in Florida will never see one.� Weighing in at less than 35 pounds, the average bobcat sticks to a territory of between five and six square miles. Primarily hunting at night, they track down rabbits, rats and other small mammals along with small birds.



Bobcat Sound
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Bobcats in Manatee / Sarasota Florida

florida bobcat

 5/3/09 This lovely animal wandered through my back yard on May 2 2009. I only managed to get some photos through a window before it wander off across my front lawn, across the road and into the scrub on the other side of the street.
It was an exciting interaction and I hope to be lucky enough to see it again.
Jeff Ellis
Port Charlotte,Fl


NEWEST 1/2009 My Son and I got this video from one of our trail cameras
last month. I had never seen two grown cats together before and then this
comes along. The date was the first week of Jan., 2009. - Carl T

grasslane.AVI grasslane.AVI

Myself, my sister and 5 children saw a bobcat just as you pictured on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2005  about 4:30 p.m. in Lakewood Ranch Country Club.  So cool!  We feel so lucky and thought you might want to know.  M. Bush

1/16/06 Hi just thought you might want to know that we saw a bobcat in our back yard last Wednesday (01/11/06) it was about dusk and my three dogs started to bark I walked on the lanai and there he was about 15 feet away beautiful!!!  but I think he was wanting the dogs for dinner!! We live in panther ridge (East Bradenton) off of SR70.

2/12/06 I was looking outside my back yard and saw a bobcat walking right across my yard  and into the woods behind my house.  We are located off of Toledo Blade and Price Blvd. This cat was pretty big!  He was beautiful.  He was more spotted with a yellowish brown marking.  I was so awed!!  I have never seen anything like that coming from up North.  I wish I had gotten my camera!  Next time.

2/15/06 Just saw a bobcat this am crossing through our yard to go into the thickly wooded empty lots behind us. this is the 4th time I have seen a bobcat while living in Port Charlotte. When I lived on Forrest Nelson Blvd, I saw a pair of bobcats walking down the pathway, in front of my condo at about 6 pm. I did take a picture, but lost the film. Might not be as rare as you think... S. Knapp

2/17/06 My wife saw a Bobcat last evening when she went to turn on our sprinkling system. He was tan in color and had a short tail. Our house is adjacent to woods on one side and a ravine on the other. We live in Heritage Harbour in Bradenton off Rt. 64. This is the second sighting near our house. The tile guys saw one last November behind our house.   P. Capello

2/28/06 This morning I saw a bobcat that was killed on the road on 98N (South Florida Avenue) in Lakeland. The carcass was on the right shoulder 1/4 - 1/2 mile south of Barry Motor Sports. Interestingly, I saw a bald eagle lifting off with a rabbit at the same time of day in the same area two months ago.
On the way home from work, I saw another bobcat (live) in Bartow. The cat was walking through a recently cleared field on the corner of Clower and 555. There is no question in my mind that both animals were bobcats.
I wanted to share with you because I have never seen a bobcat or panther or anything like that in the wild and am very excited... Brad from Bartow

I saw a bobcat this morning on an off road mountain biking trail in Hillsborough county north of hwy.  672,  east of Boyette Rd.   I saw him about  10 to 12 feet ahead of me just around a curve in the trail.  I stopped my bike and watched him run about 20 ft or so further down the trail before cutting into the woods.  Needless to say, that was the highlight of my day!   -Wayne  

April  18. 2006
 I had a young bobcat chasing a squirrel up and down my oak tree in the Manchester Waterway area of Port Charlotte. He looked as if he had been in the canal. Missed the outcome of the play/meal.
Phyllis F.



Hello!~ I was reading your web site because I saw a bob cat this morning.  So I will say that was a huge surprise and I do wish I had my camera nearby.  But alas!

He (or she) was a tawny beige color and not as heavy as I would have expected a bob cat to be, but it was about 2 feet high at the shoulder and a little longer than that from chest to rump.  It had large ears that stood straight up when I stopped short to look at it standing in my  neighbor's yard here in Clermont.  He (she) then bolted for the wooded area diagonally across the street, bounding as it went.  Very impressive and awe inspiring to see it free and natural.

I think it really was a bobcat, although it was lighter in weight and slinker than I would have thought and lighter in color.  It did not have spots.

This was way too large a cat to be an oversize house cat.  It actually looked like a young panther, but it had a bob tail, which I do not think panthers have.  The shape of the head was more like a lion or panther, but I do not imagine that we have panthers/lions here.  So I can only guess that it was a skinny bob cat.

There are baby rabbits in the neighborhood.  So it may have been hunting here when I surprised it.  Beautiful creature.  Save our green areas and we will have more wildlife in our environment.  - Anita K.

I saw a bobcat in my yard last night. At first I wondered what kind of domestic cat would have big ears and a large head and then I realized that it was a bobcat. It  ran off into the woods behind us. What a rare sight! I live in Gates Creek (Hwy 64 & Upper Manatee River Road).


I also saw a bobcat on 6-23-06 in North Fort Myers (near Charlotte county line). I didn't know what it was a first.  It ran out in front of my truck on a dirt road and I thought what kind of animal is that.  Long legs with bobbed tail and tall pointed ears!  How beautiful the creature was.  I am from California and our bobcats are shorter and furrier.  Never thought I would see one up that close and about 3 miles from my house.  Thanks for letting me share with you. Laura


7-15-06  I noticed your site on the net and see you are looking for bobcat sightings! We are located in Arcadia, FL, and we have  around out ranch which love to go off @ 3AM when the wild animals are out prowling. After one alarm we where lucking enough to see a bobcat come up to the house, prance around our cars, then stroll off to the barn. Sighting was 7/15/06.

Our wild animal sightings have been few since Hurricane Charley.


9-17-06 Hi I came across your site and wanted to tell you I just saw a bobcat outside my window. Beautiful! he was sitting just watching me through my window. When I made a move he ran. I am located in Port St. Lucie in a neighborhood beginning development. I love your site and I'll be sure to add it to my favorites.


My wife, next-door neighbors and I sighted a Bobcat on Beckham St. off of Toledo Blade Blvd. in North Port on 11/29/06 in our back yard at 5:00 PM.  He wandered into the backyard and lay down under a palm tree.  I realized that it was a Bobcat when I saw his characteristic black tip short stubby tail and long legs.  It was at least twice as big as our domestic cat.  What a treat to see one.  It�s good to know that they�re around keeping the rodent population in check.

 Rich & Sheryl H.

Hi John & Nancy,
I was driving up the new part of Lakewood Ranch Blvd this afternoon and saw a full grown bobcat cross the road about 200 yard in front of me.
Happy Holidays,
M. Sharman

My husband and I live off of Chamberlain Blvd in North Port. Today a full
grown bobcat walked right in front of our car. We were in front of our
house. It was beautiful! I never realized how big they are. Just thought you
might want to know!
Thank you,
We see this one frequently in NW Port Charlotte. Nice that it "posed" for me.



We live in North Port and have seen this Bobcat on several occasions.  Today, we were finally able to take these pictures around 11:00 a.m. We live off of Chamberlain on Marasco. Thank you, Kevin

Click to enlarge, use your back arrow to return

I saw a pair of bobcats in south Venice at the corner of Macon and Jack Streets on 6/4/07.  They trotted up Jack St. together then into someone's back yard and into a wooded area.  Saw them a few minutes later emerge from the wooded area walked right toward me and my dog then back into the wooded area.  - Jeff


We live in Riverwalk Ridge in Lakewood Ranch and with our binoculars just got a great view of a mature bobcat. He was walking along the top of the dyke next to the pond. What a beautiful creature. Cream colored with a black spotted belly. This is the second sighting we have had in this same location within the last nine months.
Maribel and George


Hi we have just come back to England from Port Charlotte, we were staying in a villa on Kola Ave.
The family was just in from the swimming pool and we saw a large cat as we thought walk by the caging but as we can see now after looking at your web site.
it was a Bobcat it was very lovely and just looked at us, we feel very lucky to have seen one,  just didn't manage to get a photo.
We did sit hoping that it would come back but no.How lovely to have wild life like that you are lucky in Flordia.
Regards Pat Thompson and Family

7/29/07;  My wife and I saw a bobcat this morning around 8:15 at the corner of The Masters Ave. and Muirfield. It just walked across the street like it owned the place and went down into a pond  full of pond flowers and then disappeared. This was the first time I had seen one in probably 2 years.   John and Lou

North Port Bobcat3-10-08

Hi folks, Just to let you know, we spotted two adult bob's in our back yard today. They posed for us as we rushed to get our cameras. Just totally awesome!!! We are on tower road in Bonita springs and thought you might like these pic's. - Ian W

Found your web site when I queried about Bobcat photos.  I had to report that I saw one today on Rutland Road about half way between US 301 and Rye Road. (Manatee county east of Parrish)  The critter ran across Rutland road at one of the larger creek areas (bridge there) heading north.   It was about 4:30 in the afternoon.  Definitely a Bobcat! 
R Reno

We have seen a large bobcat tonight 6/29/08 behind our house near cattleman and proctor. It was standing on its hind legs with its front feet perched on our tray-style bird feeder. It is quite large and seems at home. We also saw what we believe to be the same cat in Mid May lying in the grass behind our home. He also saw us at that time and was not phased by our presence and did not seem to be sick or ill at all.
Susan and Rob

North Port Bobcat FL


Click to enlarge, use your back arrow to return

These photos were taken in the backyard of my North Port home on 6/2/08.  This same bobcat has been spending a lot of time sunbathing in our backyard.  It is not one bit afraid of my dog but as i snuck around the back of the house to shoot these it headed off into the woods.
Jessica M

       An update on the North Port bobcat sightings from last year...
We live off S San Mateo, and I've been seeing tracks since last September, when we moved here... but today (6/21/08) was our first sighting. Quite a large bob, maybe 4-6 feet, short dark coat with spotted marking, running like a leopard across the street...
NOW maybe people will believe me :-)

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